10 Tips to help you catch more waves

From surfing novice to not so surfing novice, we have all experienced a history of chasing the waves with blood and tears. Many friends are asking, how do I try to catch as many waves as possible in the shortest time possible, no matter how good or bad the wave conditions are or how many people there are, I just want to catch the waves and catch the waves. The following are 10 small TIPS for catching waves, hoping to help you catch more waves when surfing.

1 Communication and conversation
Having a simple, brief marine conversation with other ronin can not only avoid accidentally blocking others' waves, but also allow you to catch more waves.
When you are waiting for a wave, do you have any of the following embarrassing situations:
You might think that another more experienced ronin wants to hit the same wave as you and choose to give up chasing the wave, but when you see that ronin paddling into another wave instead of the one you originally wanted to chase, you already have Too late to chase.
In this case, a conversation before chasing a wave can be very helpful. If you encounter some waves that belong to the "A-FRAME" type, the wave type allows 2 people to ride the wave at the same time, one person runs left, and the other runs right. Through a brief communication with the ronin, you will know the direction the other ronin is going to rush in, so that you will not be able to block his next wave, and you will be able to catch the wave yourself.

2 Watch the waves
When you get to the beach, please take a few minutes to analyze the swell conditions before entering the water.
Even if you hit the same spot every day, that doesn't mean the waves will be the same. Although the waves are good at a certain point, there may be a lot of surfers. Try to look at different points. Although the waves may not be so perfect, you may catch more waves than others.

3 Waiting for waves at INSIDE
INDISE refers to the area inside after the buckle wave.
In INSIDE you can catch some less perfect waves that the ronin doesn't want, or that can't be caught by paddling in his position.
Waiting for waves at INSIDE is a great way to increase your catches, but it requires experience because you may "pay a price" for it:
☞ If you encounter a set of big waves ahead of you, if you can't get out before the big waves hit, then you will be "washing machine roll" in waves of white waves in INSIDE.
☞ You must always be ready to avoid the down waves of all kinds of ronin. Waiting for a wave in INSIDE means that you do not have any priority to play a good wave from OUTSIDE. You can only pick up waves or breaking waves that others don't want from INSIDE.

4 Looking for waves at a fixed point
When chasing a wave, you must not wait for the wave at a fixed point, unless you find a good wave point and you don't want to change it when you have fun. Exploring and trying different wave points little by little, watching carefully and thinking about where the wave will break while waiting for the wave. Always pay attention to the waves and seize the opportunity of the next wave, big waves will always appear when you don't expect them.
The experienced ronin doesn't always sit there waiting for the wave to come. When they see a good wave coming from a distance, although the priority of the wave does not belong to them in their position, they will He paddled a little bit until he saw that the ronin in the next wave was crooked and exploded, he quickly turned around, paddled hard, and caught the "accidentally picked up" wave.


5 Pick the right surfboard for you
A surfboard that is not suitable for your level can make it difficult for you to catch waves, especially when you are surrounded by more experienced surfers than you. If your board itself is not suitable, then you don't want to catch it It's time to wave.

6 Widen your equivalence zone
This method is suitable for wave points formed by rocks or reef bottoms with relatively fixed point risers. You can widen your equivalence zone, sit a little further from the top of the wave, and wait for a bigger wave to follow. When you notice that the ronin on the next wave has been crooked or no one is rushing, this wave is yours!

7 Waiting patiently for the waves
When waiting for waves, you need to be patient enough. Don’t blindly chase the waves, but be selective. Save your stamina for good waves. If it's just every surge you want to paddle hard and try to chase, you'll get tired very quickly and it's hard to catch higher quality waves.

8 efficient strokes
To catch as many waves as possible, you need to paddle efficiently. Maybe many people are asking, why do I try so hard to catch the waves but still can't catch the waves? ?
Because your strokes are inefficient.

9 Don’t wait for the waves next to an experienced ronin
If you're a beginner and intermediate surfer, it's not a good idea to sit and wait for a wave on a wave that's full of veteran surfers. Unless they are all your friends and are willing to share the same wave with you, an experienced ronin is always better at watching and catching waves than you, so if you sit next to an experienced ronin, it will be difficult to catch the waves of priority.

10 Improve your ability to see waves
Only when you are more able to see waves, you are likely to catch more waves.



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