Do you know the origin of surfing?

Surfing started in Australia. Because Australia is surrounded by the sea, the climate is warm, with more sunshine and less rain, which is conducive to the development of water sports. Therefore, Australians especially like surfing. Long before the Europeans moved in, the indigenous people here, when they went out to sea in canoes, rushed to Langfeng with a small boat and slid to the wave valley, which was the predecessor of surfing.
         There is another saying about the origin of surfing: surfing originated in the Hawaiian Islands, the world's surfing destination in the late 1960s. In June 1970, a surfing enthusiast computer technician in the United States designed and manufactured the world's first universal joint with a universal joint. Windsurfing and patent rights were obtained. After that, the windsurfing fever quickly rose in the local area, and soon spread to Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, and became popular in Australia.
         As early as 1778, British explorer Captain J. Cook had seen this kind of activity in the Hawaiian Islands. After 1908, surfing spread to some countries in Europe and America. Spread to Asia after 1960. In the past one to two decades, surfing has developed greatly. Large-scale surfing competitions have been held on the coasts of North America, Peru, Hawaii, South Africa and eastern Australia.
          After the Second World War, the birth of the plastic industry produced lightweight plastic surfboards, which promoted the development of surfing. As a result, surfing was really developed in many countries in the world. With the gradual popularization and improvement of surfing, its Sports have developed in the direction of competition. Surfing competitions are often held in Australia. The first world championships in surfing were held in Manly, Australia in 1962, and competitions have been held every two years since then. The competition is mainly based on the number and quality of surfing completed by surfers within the specified time, and is scored on a 20-point scale, such as surfing 3 waves within 30 minutes or surfing 6 waves within 45 minutes, and then according to the surfer's surfing, surfing, and surfing. Scores such as turns, glide distance, and ease of selecting waves.
         Surfing has created many incredible miracles, often surprising people. At the beginning of 1986, two French athletes named Long and Pichavan set off from Senegal in West Africa, crossed the Atlantic Ocean on surfboards, and arrived at French Drop Island in Central America in late February, which lasted 24 days and 12 hours.
        Surfing is a very thrilling sport, surfers need double surfboards, and appear in rough waves. Even if you are very familiar with water and have very high skills, it is inevitable that danger will occur. So, as surfing has grown, so has surf lifesaving.
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