How to Paddleboard with a Dog?

Dogs love to play in the water in summer, 8 steps to teach you seat belt dog #fayeanpaddleboard
After playing #fayean paddle boards for a few years, I found that most dogs 🐶 love to play #fayean paddle boards, and they will be very popular, we all like to let 🐶 on our own paddle boards, most dogs are very good on the board! ! Also great for taking pictures!
How to Paddleboard with a Dog?
1. First of all, you have to have a dog and a #fayeanpaddleboard, If you don't have one, look at other people's
2. Know the water of the dog. It doesn't matter if the water is not good, but it should not be afraid of water.
3. It is best to cut the dog's nails. In addition, the #fayean paddle board is of good quality, and the dog should not scratch the board.
4 It is best to put a life jacket on the dog, and then tie a rope to the dog, so that it can't climb up and carry it up.
Attention ⚠️
1.Let your dog feel the # fayean paddle board in advance, put the #fayean paddle board on the land, let the dog stand on it, sit on it and feel it
2. When getting off the board, choose a relatively calm water area, get on the board first, and let the dog get on the board after the kneeling position is stable.
3. Take the dog to maintain balance on the water, let the dog get used to the # fayean board on the water and train its sense of balance
4. Slowly #fayean paddle along the shore in a kneeling position and observe the dog's reaction. If the dog's body is stable and not afraid, continue; if the dog is nervous or uncomfortable, go back to the shore immediately and take it slow.
The weather is warming up, get ready to bring your pet and #fayeanpaddleborad to play in the water!

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