fayean surfboard to protect your surfing trip.

1. If you see jellyfish appear or are bitten by jellyfish while surfing in the sea, please go ashore and rest.

2. When surfing in the open sea, the surfer who is closest to the first wave area, if there is a mad dog wave covering the entire row above the surfer, the surfer should quickly throw the surfboard back, and quickly dive to hide .

3. When surfing a big wave, the front surfer and the surfer next to, in the middle or behind should keep a safe distance of 3 surfboards, so that when the mad dog wave is covered, everyone's surfboards and safety ropes are entangled.

4. Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing and riding. One person has a wave. Whoever is closest to the starting point of the wave wall has the first priority to stand up. At this time, the surfers competing next to him quickly brake or draw their boards to stop surfing.

5. Beginner surfers should strengthen hand paddling training, physical training, foot training, and forward roll-holding training in water.

6. To be good at surfing, you must have diving skills, high fighting spirit, and strong physical muscles. Usually, please watch more surfing videos, surfing magazines, surf with surfers more, observe more, go online and exchange experience with friends , which guarantees you will become a master surfer in no time.

7. When surfing, if you encounter an ocean current that is pulled out to the outside world, just follow the ocean current in the direction of the slope and grasp the waves. Never throw away the safety rope and use the swimmer to swim back. Please lie on the wave board to rest and wait for rescue.

8. When carrying the surfboard, pay attention to the turning place. When it is placed on the ground, it should be placed lightly. When the wind is strong, it should be placed on the sand to cover the surfboard with sand to avoid being blown away by the wind.

9. When you take the surfboard and go out to the sea, the angle of the surfboard in your hand should be in a straight line. Never put the surfboard in front of your body to prevent the waves from hitting the surfboard and hitting your body.

10. When the surfboard is washed back to the shore from the outer sea and the water depth is about 30 cm, please get off the board immediately to prevent the surfboard from directly impacting the stone.

11. When the surfboard and the waves collide, do not pull the safety rope and the surfboard with your hands, so as not to hurt your hands.

12. When surfing, please keep two surfboards at the distance of each person on the sea.

13. When you are a beginner surfer, please pay attention to check the equipment before going into the water, check whether the wax block has been hit, check the safety rope and life jacket, and do the warm-up exercise for 20 minutes before you can go surfing in the sea.

14. The surfing rule is to be closest to the breaking point of the wave, and his action is to stand up first, and the surfers next to him must stop surfing. Those who waver must bear all the consequences and responsibilities for compensation.

15. The best wave shape for surfing is the wave that collapses in the middle and advances to the slopes on both sides. The most dangerous and bad wave is a row of waves that collapse instantly. Please go ashore to rest at this time.

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